Welcome to Moonshots Innervation!

I am often asked what we do at Moonshots... so here goes the highlights.

Moonshots Innervation was founded by Shane Yeend and Rick Carter with the purpose of finding, developing, and scaling Adelaide businesses that could develop large global markets.

One key to this is combining start-ups with existing businesses to combine skills and expertise and also contact bases globally.

To support this, Moonshots also has taken on running the Adelaide chapter of Founder Institute, a Silicon Valley-based Global organization with a tremendous track record of taking ideas and startup businesses and developing them to become globally investable, and globally scalable.

It's a difficult program. It's a practical program. It's a hands-on program that's producing results.

Additionally at Moonshots, we supply services to the Australian Government to find international entrepreneurs and bring them to Adelaide to develop innovative and disruptive businesses and supply them with a 188E five-year visa.

So we identify these businesses wherever they may be, and we have them from Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore. We enroll them in the 13 week Online Founder Institute course delivered out of Moonshots in Adelaide.

So while they are waiting for their visa, they're developing their business and they're developing their western business skills so that when they arrive in Adelaide, they've got a business ready to launch.

Over 13 weeks they meet and pitch to dozens of our Mentors and meet local businesses to partner with then they come to Adelaide.

They don't just come here, and then wonder what to do next.

We believe we've developed a great ecosystem. We have a building where people can work and where people can get together on Fridays around the bar, where existing businesses meet scale-up businesses.

And we have a tremendous track record in joining a number of those together and finding investment and finding Global markets. So it's a very different model at Moonshots, but one that lends value to the saying of Shane Yeend :

Real entrepreneurs and Real businesses take Moonshots seriously.

Connecting Startups with Grownups to Develop Global scaleups

We invite international startup founders to express interest in migrating to South Australia to start and grow your company in a world-class innovation and creativity hub in the heart of Adelaide.

Moonshots  is official partner of the South Australian Government to assess and support visa applications for the Australian Federal Government’s 188E provisional entrepreneur visa. If you are an entrepreneur, please contact us to help you get endorsed for this visa.

Moonshots is a dedicated startup and scaleup innovation community within our Business hub in the Imagination Building 54 Hyde St. in the Heart of Adelaide's CBD.

At Moonshots, we provide a programme dedicated meeting the specific industry needs startups.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Creative Industries, AgTech, SaaS, Cyber, AI, BioTech, Space, or Defence Industries, we can support all entrepreneurs that satisfy our membership requirements. However, if your startup is in one of the South Australian Government’s future industries, we can even support you better.